How to Order Glasses

4 Easy Steps To Order Your Prescription Glasses Through MEMMO Website 

If you need prescription glasses, you probably think you have to visit a local glasses shop to get them. However, just like anything else you can buy online, you can also purchase your prescription glasses online. And, placing an order for your glasses is as easy as buying something from Amazon, Best Buy, eBay or any one of your favorite Internet stores. 

We understand the task may seem overwhelming, but we are here to make it go smoother. In just four easy steps, MEMMO will design your prescription glasses for you.


Pick Your Preferred Frames

The first step to buying glasses through the Internet is to pick your preferred frames. This process can be time-consuming, as it boils down to your preferences. If there is a particular frame you like, use the search bar to find them and choose the color you’d like. If you are unsure of the frames, there are three tips to help you:

  • Frame Shape – You know what clothing styles fit and don’t fit you; the same goes for your glasses. Some frames will compliment; some frames don’t do your looks justice. Knowing your face shape, it’ll be easier to choose the frames you need.
  • Frame Size – Frames too narrow produce a wider face; frames too wide causes a narrower face. There may be reasons to go under or over for your frame size, but you want a pair that will fit you perfectly and compliments your looks. If you have an older pair of glasses, you can use the measurements located in the temple arm to help you out.
  • Frame Color – This consideration should be last, but it will help determine the glasses’ overall style and look. Again, choose a color that’s best “on” you. The majority of frames have multiple colors to pick from. You will find a color that compliments you. 


Pick Your Preferred Lenses 

How your glasses look may be necessary, but their functionality is critically important. Lens quality and features will ensure you are happy with your glasses. Make sure to know what options are out there. The first step is choosing the lens thickness. What are some of the things to be mindful of when ordering your prescription glasses online?

  • Visual Needs – Your lens preference is going to be based on your individual visual needs. Your optometrist may suggest you use a single vision or multi-vision lens for your glasses. 
  • Coatings – Once you know what lenses are necessary for your visual needs, it’s time to focus on the coating. There are many coatings available such as anti-reflection, anti-scratch, UV protective and water-repellant. Each of these can protect your glasses and eyes from damage (either from elements or normal wear and tear). If the purchase is for prescription sunglasses, you’ll get additional choices for reflective, gradient or tint. 


Add The Prescription To Your Glasses 

Once you know what frames and lenses you’d like, you need to customize them to meet your individual prescription needs. 


Submit Payment Information

Once you have chosen your frames, coatings, lenses and others, make sure to review them one more time to ensure they are correct. Once the information is verified, provide MEMMO with your payment information through our checkout portal. 

We handle everything else afterward. Within seven to 14 business days, you will receive your new customized prescription glasses at your door. 


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